Headache, and 49 other reasons women use to say no in bed

A list adapted from Arjun Chabba's 101 Reasons (that women use) for Refusal in Bed

Arjun Chabba | Posted on 26 Nov 2016
Time to read: 2 min
Reason used by Women to say No in Bed | Bonobology

01. Headache - the most common one.

02. It’s that time of the month.

03. It’s too cold.

04. It’s too hot.

05. I’m too sleepy.

06. I’ve had a very long day.

07. I need to get up early.

I haven’t brushed... and I’m too sleepy to do it now.

09. I’m having a toothache.

10. My back aches.

11. My stomach is upset.

12. My toenail broke.

13. I’ve got mehndi (henna) and egg in my hair.

14. I need to go to the loo.

15. I’m too stressed.

16. I’m just not in a mood right now.

17. There’s a lizard on the wall ... and I think it’s looking straight at me!

18. There’s a mouse in the room!

19. This bed creaks.

20. I think they can hear us in the next room.

21. My breasts hurt ... Do you think I have cancer?

22. Can’t we just hold hands?

23. My mom is not well and all that you can think of is this!

24. First say that you love my mom.

25. Why does your mom have to be so bitchy? 

26. I think I heard our son cry.

27. He has to sleep with us tonight – can’t you see how scared he is?

28. He has to sleep between us – he’ll feel more secure.

At least sometimes connect on a spiritual level.

30. Swamiji said that abstinence takes you to a higher spiritual level.

31. Today is Tuesday.

32. Today is Amavasya (New Moon).

33. I had a fast today/I have a fast tomorrow.

34. I don’t like this cologne you’re wearing ... take it off!

35. This haircut of yours really puts me off.

36. Can’t you wax all those hairs?

37. Didn’t you have a bath? Eeeuuggghhhh!

38. You didn’t wash the dishes!

39. What did you have to drink? Eeaauuggghhh!

40. Who was that girl you were talking to? Go to her only!

41. Don’t you dare touch me! But what did I do? Don’t ask me – ask yourself!

42. Tomorrow – promise!

43. When we go on a holiday.

44. (On holiday) All that you can think of is this – at least let’s enjoy this place!

45. (On holiday at a religious place) Here also? Have some shame!

46. We just did it the other day!

47. You never want to talk to me – all that you are interested in is this!

48. (Her cell phone rings and she swats you away)

49. (No words – just a drawn-out yawn)

50. (No words – just a slap on your hand/face)


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