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Updated On: June 15, 2024
Sexless Marriage, Faking Orgasms & Addiction to Pornography
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Surviving a sexless marriage or relationship can be an ordeal for any couple, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. The first step toward remedying this issue is to delve deeper into its underlying triggers. One of the common reasons behind one partner’s lack of interest in sex could be unresolved sexual trauma from the past. Similarly, lacking or fizzling out emotional intimacy can also put your sex life in limbo.

Often, not knowing your way around your partner’s body and vice-versa can also take pleasure out of sexual interactions, making it less and less appealing. Talking about sex and an uninhibited approach toward expressing sexual needs and desires can prove to be an effective tool for combatting this roadblock that hinders intimacy and gives way to sexless marriages and relationships.

Lack Of Sexual Intimacy

You may not always be able to identify the signs your partner is faking it in bed. This is especially true for women who can fake climax signs and continue engaging in sex out of a sense of obligation toward their partners and relationships. Reaching out and talking to them is the best recourse for resolving issues of dissatisfying or non-existent sex life.

Lack of sexual intimacy in a marriage can spill out of the bedroom and begin to take a toll on every aspect of a couple’s relationship. That’s why this issue mustn’t be swept under the rug. Address the elephant in your bedroom sooner rather than later to bounce back from the abyss of a sexless marriage before it’s too late. In such situations, seeking professional help from a therapist or sexologist can be immensely beneficial. So, shake off the stigma and work as a team to build a holistic, well-rounded relationship that thrives on intimacy.

Porn addiction is not a psychiatrically recognized affliction however it is still a real problem, especially among men. In fact, pornography addiction can become truly problematic when it reduces sexual response in the bedroom. This happens primarily because of the unrealistic standards and expectations that porn has created for you which you start to expect from your partner too.

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What is BDSM and what characterizes a BDSM relationship? BDSM is a type of sexual activity that involves sexual bondage, sadism or submission. What is considered a mental disorder by some, is actually a very normal and healthy way of life. As long as it is consensual, it is rightful and can be very pleasurable for some people.

What is foreplay? All kinds of touch such as kissing, biting, and holding each other are considered foreplay. From head to toe, one should practice foreplay and be playful and explorative with it. Foreplay and sex should not be considered too different from each other. Good foreplay is equally important in fostering intimacy in a relationship. To avoid making it mundane, one should always try new things.

Porn culture has set unrealistic expectations from people in bed and has also twisted one’s idea of pleasure. For example, the notion of penis size has nothing to do with guaranteeing pleasure to a woman in bed. Sex is a dynamic thing and one needs to be able to understand all the things that make a woman happy.

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Living in a sexless marriage can be extremely difficult and can have a variety of reasons. Things such as sexual trauma from the past, a lack of emotional intimacy, and even stress can all contribute to a dry spell in your marriage.

Sexual rejection can hurt a man very deeply. Men tend to feel responsible for physical satisfaction which is why sexual rejection can make them feel confused and distressed.

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