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Sexual Problems

Did you know that even minor things such as your phone/laptop screen time could majorly affect your sexual health? Or that watching too much porn can also lead to some kind of sexual disfunction?

Good sexual health is an important component of a healthy life – whether it is purely physical or also psychological. The hush hush around ‘Sex’’ in our society has made it difficult to address these concerns properly. This has also lead to a variety of myths and misconceptions about sex and pleasure that have been floating around The lack of sex education in schools also adds to that struggle which can further lead to sexual problems in relationships in the future.

Sexual Problems

Men sexual problems are also largely caused because of many undue pressures and notions about sex that some societies and cultures have conveniently thrust upon them. The ideas of penis size, the ways of pleasing a woman and achieving the big O – some of these things are largely fabricated that can lead to anxiety in men.

And this is why sexual problems are more rampant and common than you think. So if you are indeed facing some kind of an obstacle or a confusion you don’t really know how to navigate – there is absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Moreover, with people’s dating lives taking a complete hit because of Covid 19 and the added anxieties of the past year, sexual problems have only become even more common. To address your sexual problems and solutions, it can be helpful to go to a counsellor or sexologist and seek the right kind of professional help.

To deal with your sexual problems, you must ask yourself some key questions. Does intimacy stress you out? Do you feel uncomfortable with your own body or your partner’s?

Often puzzled by what exactly is it that women are looking for in bed, men are always asking the question of ‘What exactly does she want from me during sex?’

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Having stayed at home for so long owing to the pandemic, getting back into the dating game again can seem nerve-wracking. If you’re dating as an introvert, the problem triples. But don’t worry, with these steps you can get dating in no time.

Watching too much porn can lead to sexual problems in marriage and in relationships. Porn sets ridiculously high standards of what one should expect in bed and this leads you to create a ‘fantasy film’ in your own mind instead of working on your sexual compatibility. This can cause sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction.

Porn is the reason many people have pre-conceived notions about a good time in bed and unrealistic expectations from sex. One forgets that this commercially produced product is nothing like real life. This can severely trouble men and cause them anxiety.

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