Affair and Cheating

She cheated on him and now fears he might have a counter affair

She had an affair that she admitted, but now she finds she in not able to trust her husband, who forgave her
lady checking husband phone

“Infidelity, I don’t know the exact premises of its definition but I committed that mistake (sin as my husband would call it) when I got emotionally entangled with my school classmate. We met on Facebook and took our conversation to the Messenger. From there it went to a more convenient WhatsApp on a regular basis. Then it ended up with FaceTime. In a matter of a year we became closer than any friends I had. Talking to him became a compulsion and I lost control of my safety lines and we went into a physical relationship also. Soon I was exposed and my husband and I had a yearlong estrangement. Following that year we decided to give our marriage a second chance. And this is where I have started panicking. I can’t trust my husband. I know it sounds strange as I am the one who cheated but now I fear he will cheat on me and thus I am paranoid.”

This was the dilemma of Usha who confessed her infidelity.

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