She cheated on him and now fears he might have a counter affair

“Infidelity, I don’t know the exact premises of its definition but I committed that mistake (sin as my husband would call it) when I got emotionally entangled with my school classmate. We met on Facebook and took our conversation to the Messenger. From there it went to a more convenient WhatsApp on a regular basis. Then it ended up with FaceTime. In a matter of a year we became closer than any friends I had. Talking to him became a compulsion and I lost control of my safety lines and we went into a physical relationship also. Soon I was exposed and my husband and I had a yearlong estrangement. Following that year we decided to give our marriage a second chance. And this is where I have started panicking. I can’t trust my husband. I know it sounds strange as I am the one who cheated but now I fear he will cheat on me and thus I am paranoid.”

This was the dilemma of Usha who confessed her infidelity.

I admit it was my fault

At no point did she blame her husband. She admitted that she just slipped into a new relationship which happened naturally. When she got back with her husband after the estrangement she had lost all trust in relationships. She suspected that he would now take a chance on an extramarital affair.

“I’ve completely lost trust in marriages. I have this stone cold realisation that I messed with the best gift marriage gave me, my partner’s trust. I feel guilty and keep thinking that what I did to him, he will do to me. Loss of trust is the crux of infidelity and if I have to restore the marriage I have to first work on my trust which is deeply damaged now. I have come clean of the infidelity but I also feel the need to prove my honesty in every other aspect of life too in the moment and ahead too. I’m working very hard on me to restore trust, but am working twice as hard to ensure he isn’t cheating. I am trying to retain trust through consistent and sometimes emotionally painful truth-telling and accountability. I have set limits and boundaries for me though he didn’t insist one. But I am also wishing he adheres to the same boundaries, as now I am scared he will go astray.”

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Rebuilding the trust takes time

The good news is that trust once broken can be rebuilt and go on to make the marriage even better. The bad news is that it is time consuming and requires a lot of hard work. There are also side effects while rebuilding the marriage, like the one Usha is experiencing, because when trust is broken the belief system gets shaken to the core.

Rebuilding the trust takes time
Rebuilding the trust takes time

“Umang has completely cut off sex life after I was caught with another man. Umang and I had a very active sex life and he is a physically very expressive person, so when he cuts off physical needs I am totally concerned. My insecurity developed from the fact that when I came back home after one year we sleep on the same bed, but he is completely okay without even a cuddle. I strongly feel he has vested his physical interests somewhere else. It could be true or it could be my guilt.”

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No time for insecurity

No time for insecurity
No time for insecurity

You have to let your partner know that you are indeed genuinely sorry for what you have made him go through and what you have made him feel. He has to be reassured that you are seriously reliable and he will be safe trusting you. Rebuilding trust also means rebuilding credibility; in the process don’t do anything that will spoil the slow process. Keep your guilt in check and this is not the time to suspect the non-cheating partner. It is only natural to think that the other partner now has the license to cheat. Keep such feelings and doubts away from the other partner and let him take the time to heal and get back into love mode again. Regain the balance and bring the trust back into marriage by being dependable, consistent and responsible.

Regain the balance and bring the trust back into marriage by being dependable, consistent and responsible.

“I’ve started suspecting calls from his female friends. I get paranoid when he comes home late in the night. I stalk his Facebook daily to see who comments and likes his postings often. And then I go and stalk that lady. Instead of restoring trust, I am ensuring that he doesn’t have a counter affair. I feel that one day he would take revenge on me and have an affair,” confessed Usha.

It’s a hard task

He might want to ask you a lot of questions
He might want to ask you a lot of questions

This is ideally your partner’s time to vent his feelings and even blame you if he feels like it. So this is not the time you play the victim. He might want to ask you a lot of questions; do be available to answer them, as this is his trust building process. He is also feeling inadequate at this time. There will be a lot of inconsistency in the relationship as you move one step forward and then two steps backwards. Sex is a powerful way to heal after being cheated, as there is some amount of temporary trust and intimacy and that’s why Usha feels the void in that aspect. The stage of reconciling is also a time to rebuild the bond, so Usha has to keep her insecurities in check.

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Readers Comments On “She cheated on him and now fears he might have a counter affair”

  1. One point missed is your husband may not be sure whether u have acquired any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) with your affair. That may be a reason for keeping distance from u. As some of STDs can get activated after one year, u can get urself thoroughly checked up for STDs before initiating intimacy and show as a proof to ur husband which can give some peace to him.

  2. Usha simply said her husband is not cuddling. How can he cuddle so easily now. By having affair, she proved to her husband that whatever sex she had was fake, her love and affection to him was a fake/drama and infact everything was a drama whatever she did at home & no concern for her husband feelings/sufferings it leaves on him. This is the reality gone into his mind by her affair. For her ,she had ,a lover to enjoy and a husband for cheating and she enjoyed till exposed. But for her husband ,she was the only one & she was everything which he lost. She made marriage and relationship a mockery. For her what is the pain except for suspecting her husband. Better prove her integrity first before ensuring her husband’s. It is destiny that poor husband got this kind of women as his wife.I wonder why a women who can’t commit to honesty,loyalty & integrity which are basics of marriage gets ready to marriage and destroy innocent husband life???

  3. It is ironic wife has never bothered about cheating her husband. No inclination what she vowed him during the marriage. Continued affair till exposure. Now she is worried about her husband cheating off her. Suffering or pain is only known when they experince but not when they inflict to others.Cheaters what they have to loose only they enjoy as long as they are not discovered whatever lost or pain is to the loyal partner. They backstab their partners. They are heneous than murderers. After murder the guy leaves the world. Here, the husband for without his fault has to carry the shame,low self esteem, his inadequcy, mistrust, the emotional wounds and scras etx for life long getting killed internally everyday for rest of his life. I would say she should suffer more for life long so that suffering goes to the soul and soul will never allow her dare to do this kind of heneous act in upcoming births also. Otherwise these people.are born for destroying others lives for no fault of their husbands. Cheaters are nothing but like parasites or worms in the stool . They stick to the marriage and continue cheating on the back of the partners.

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