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She & her dreams

dreamy woman

Dedicated to all the lovely women out there who dare to dream and believe


She has dreams

she has hopes

Dreams that one day

might be fulfilled

But it’s taking long

longer than society deems it fit

They say,

you can always fall in love later on

Fairy tales exist only in books

Yet she dreams, and hopes

That one fine day, through that door

Will walk in

her beloved

Just the way she has imagined

 and desired

Not tall, not dark, not handsome

Not a Darcy out of a tale

Or maybe, who knows?

But he will be all that she ever wants

A spark, that defies logic

A feeling, that is instantly felt

An epiphany- that this IS it!

It won’t be forced

It won’t be fed

It will be born

Out of a knowing

A knowing of herself

far too well

He will need no reason

To find a place in her heart

Because, she knows,

that’s he’s always been

a part of her, not now

but forever…

So what if the forever takes eternity to come…

He will, one day, and that’s for sure

So wait till then, my love,

And don’t lose hope

Your faith has got you here

Your faith will take you that far.

To your fairy land

If only, you continue

To believe.


With love,

A Dreamer

A Believer

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