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She is elated when I am happy

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I love reading- she is much better avoiding it, unless it cannot be helped. She loves travelling –I am not too much of a ‘travel-fan’ as I feel it drains me of my depleted weekend-energy after a hectic week. I love sports, she appreciates music more. She loves shopping- I almost freak out at such a prospect: no, it is not always my debit card that is to be swiped  (it is just that time spent shop-hopping). I prefer tea, she loves coffee. She wants me to dress carefully; I prefer to be casual -not paying much thought on what I am putting on.

So we have different preferences, and being in an arranged marriage, such eventuality was not unexpected either. Do I want her to change to suit my liking? Not at all-because if she changes for me, I would never come to notice ‘the one thing’ that I would never want to change in her: the joy that comes to her on seeing me elated.

Her joy on seeing me excited after grabbing a favourite novel to read- although I know she does not share the same thrill to read it.

Her laughter when I gulp hot tea, with a certain chuckling noise often, although she is not a tea-fan.

Her smile when I often excuse myself going for an outing, or shopping. “Ok, but we go out next weekend,” she would say, smiling again.

Her excitement on seeing me cheer for Team India, although she does not follow the sport.

Her happiness on seeing me happy- the one thing I never want to change in my partner.

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  1. This kind of blogs always helps me restore my faith in the perks of arranged marriage. Good luck.

    PS – I am team Tea.

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