She is ‘single’ but has male friends, what kind of girl is she? Will she make a good wife?

When I told her having so many male friends is not good, she blocked me on social media
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Hello Ma’am,

What does it mean if a girl mentions her relationship status on FB as ‘single’, but then has many boys as friends (in real life) and is mostly seen hanging out with male friends? When I talk to her about her having any boyfriend(s), she said, “Nowadays having a boyfriend is something very trivial”. What should I presume or interpret about this girl? I used to guide her that all this is not good but then she blocked me on Facebook and everywhere.

Is she a happy-go-lucky type girl? Or is she keeping her status ‘single’ to fool people? Or is it that when she says boyfriends, she means boys who are her friends (only friendships, no emotional or romantic tie-ups and no sexual relationships)? Or is she confused? Also she went on a foreign holiday with some other guys, to nearby countries. I don’t know if it was for holiday or work or maybe they have sex also. What kind of a girl is she? How do I understand her?

When my roommate calls her up to say Hi, she asks about me and my health. So is she being polite or is she interested in me? My phone number she has blocked. I also want to know whether such a type of girl will make a good wife or not?

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Snigdha Mishra says:

Dear Boy,

It seems quite clear that this girl is not interested in you. So, if your question is specifically about her then please lay off, because she certainly doesn’t want you in her life. Please respect her no.

Coming to your question

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