She Said I Am Ugly And Left Me For Another Guy

I am 21. Till I was in college I never fell in love with anyone. But in my second year in college, I fell in love with a girl quite similar to me. I started imagining my whole life with her. We were best friends, talked a lot to each other about our problems. We started sharing each and every detail of our life. A time came when I proposed her, but she didn’t agree. She wanted to think about our relationship before she committed to anything.

A time came when I proposed her, but she didn’t agree.
A time came when I proposed her, but she didn’t agree.

She said that I am ugly and she went for another guy

Our conversations did not stop there. We continued to talk after that for approximately two months. But then she started ignoring me for no reason. When I searched for the reason I found that she got committed to some other guy. She felt I look ugly and she actually told me that. Then we had a fight and it all ended up very badly. Now I am completely heartbroken. I still love her and can’t even think about any other girl. It’s almost a year and I can’t forget her and I really don’t know what to do.

Dear Boy.

Have you heard about the saying, what happens, happens for the good? In this case, you have blessed this girl didn’t lead you on after a point. You have to understand this very objectively.

It is all about inner beauty

A young girl gets a boy’s attention and love and she is basking in the glory of being loved. It satisfies her ego. But since he is so-called ugly, she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him. So she leaves him. What will you feel if you had to comment? That she is very selfish? That she is very shallow? That she is very superficial who doesn’t know that one day her skin will get wrinkled too? I’m sure you are agreeing with me here.

See things logically

And if you are agreeing, no matter how beautiful she may be and no matter how much you had connected, you realize that she is an apple with a rotten core. Trust me, dear, you are better off without her. See it objectively, and logically you will agree. So is there any point of crying over her?

Please don’t let her colour your views

Please don't let her colour your views
Please don’t let her colour your views

Now, let’s actually concentrate on the other thing that bothers me – your image of yourself. You say you are ugly. Why? We are all beautiful in our own way. The Beast was beautiful to Beauty in the end and so beautiful was he that she agreed to give away her beauty, just to be with him. You are young, and so I say, please look for your beauty and don’t think of yourself to be ugly. The body goes. It’s the heart that remains.

You won’t miss her

You won't miss her
You won’t miss her

And lastly, how can you deal with missing her? Once you see the truth about her, you will feel so disgusted that you will be happy she is out of your life. You won’t miss her. And then you will be receptive to accepting more people into your life, more positivity in your life. Let me know if this doesn’t work but I’m kinda sure it will.

Love and light to you.

Joie Bose

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