Struggles and Scars

She lost her husband and society decided to punish her by getting her married to her brother-in-law!

When society decided a woman's right!
Closeup of an upset woman in black clothes

(Names changed to protect identity)

“Please wait,” the uniformed officer said to her.

Anamika sat down, nodding. She was a thin and frail girl in her early 20s. She appeared gloomier in the dark grey sari she was wearing. It was evident from her face that that was her first encounter with the outside world.


She was here to enquire about her missing husband. He was one among the crew in the helicopter that crashed the previous year in the jungles of Karnataka. There were only two survivors. The other person was rescued after a search mission that lasted about a week.

Her husband, who had only minor injuries, was missing from the crash site. Presumably, he went to seek help from a nearby village.

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  1. I personally know a woman who married her brother in law after her officer husband died. They are a happy couple. This is good at times when there are kids involved. As for the property… Who does not hanker for it? Forces or civilians… All the same… This happens more in civilian families by the way. And a soldier is always an eternal hero. You seem to have strong misconceptions about the ARMY. Wise to get your facts right.

    1. I beg to differ ma’am. I have served in one of the Armed Forces and I know how they deal with files of dead/ martyred soldiers. And hence there is no MISCONCEPTION about it.

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