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Shedding the extra load

Don’t add to the pain of a breakup by losing your dignity. Sussanne Khan shows the way by being around Hrithik before the release of his film Kaabil and going all out to promote his film
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To employ a cliche, breaking up is hard to do. Not only do you have the pain of a failed relationship to carry with you, but also the burden of what people around you say about your breakup. This is hard enough when it’s just your somewhat limited circle of friends and family that are judging you. How much harder it must be when you are in the limelight as a celebrity couple, as Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan had been for so many years before they ended their marriage. Watching the video that went viral this week of their (supposedly) first meeting since the divorce, it was hard not to applaud their dignified behaviour in the glare of the cameras and the intrusive demands for a photo together.

Our expert counsellor, Dr Kushal Jain, talked about the best way to carry on for a less painful breakup. I believe the most important thing in a relationship, even a broken one, must be respect. Respect for your ex, respect for the relationship you once had, respect for those close to you, and above all, respect for yourself, so that you do not demean yourself by carrying your feelings of hurt and betrayal too far into the future with you. It is difficult to not cling to those, but it must be done. That is one burden you definitely do not need.

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