Affair and Cheating

She’s no longer ‘happily married’ but free

They used to be a happily married couple but grew apart. She slept with another man and now she's set herself free
Happy and free woman

(As told to Priya Chaphekar)

Happily married for more than a decade, we were the ‘it’ couple. Our vibes made people go weak in their knees – when Kaushik let out his hand to pull me up during a rock climbing event or made sure I was comfortable at his office parties. Usually, most husbands are so busy catching up with their colleagues, but Kaushik made sure to refill my plate and my glass. He never hesitated to feed me before a crowd. On the other hand, my Instagram wall was full of poems about love and relationships, all inspired by my dear husband. People often asked me where I found such perfect metaphors, but when you’re in love, words tend to flow out from your heart to your lips to speak, down to your fingers to write.

When the breakup began

And just when the world was beginning to believe that marriages last forever, our smooth-sailing ship of love hit an iceberg in 2015.

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  1. Getting out of an unfulfilling marraige is the best hing you can do for yohrself. Your happiness should be a very very important determinant.
    After all, we do only have one life

  2. AND I think that is what is important to be free, to love your life. Society always wants out of the woman to endure whatever it is, sex or no sex, love or no love . Everyone objects when a woman sets to find happiness of her own.

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