Shocking side of Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi and her story to stardom.


Pooja Bedi has always been known for a lot of controversies. So we thought it’s time, we build a time line of Pooja Bedi’s controversial life who fell in love with 5 different men and as of now, still remains single. 

Pooja Bedi’s parents are very progressive

Pooja Bedi is the daughter of Kabir Bedi and late Protima Bedi, two very open-minded people who used to lead a wild and bohemian lifestyle in their time. From the beginning of Pooja’s career, she had made jaws to drop with the choices she made. She started working as a model since the age of 18. She did a very bold campaign for Kama Sutra condoms. With the release of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar in 1992 she became the emblem of sensuousness. Her string of relationships began at the age of 18, from Aditya Pancholi to her latest being Akashdeep whom she met on Bigg Boss, she has had a number of affairs. Akashdeep even inked her name on his arm as a symbol of their love.

She is a single mom

Yet now, the actress is single and living her best life with her two kids Aalia and Omar. Also engrossed in a lot of media assignments, she is busy doing the best she can. She has been through broken relationships and the heartbreaking death of her brother and mother, could have shaken anyone’s spirits. More recently, her father married a woman, who was even younger than Pooja, much against her wishes. But she doesn’t let this come in the way of her happiness.

Want to know about the five men she fell in love with over the duration of her life? Watch the video.

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