Should I continue to date a guy who is in a committed relationship?

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Hello Dr Manu Tiwari,
I’m seeing a guy who is in a relationship with another girl since the past seven years but… he has asked me out for a date. When I asked him if he will marry the girl whom he is dating, he said yes, he will. So should I move on in my life or should I keep seeing him? Am confused.

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If you feel you can go on a date with him as friends without any romantic inclination from your end, then it’s a date with friends.. but if you are looking at the date as a romantic one, then you should be weary of taking it further. You do not wish to find yourself in an emotional mess since the boy has already committed to another girl for marriage/ It’s better to take this date as platonic rather than romantic. You will have to be sure of your feelings towards the boy. Once you have wrapped your head around what emotions you are likely to feel, you’ll find your answer. All the best.

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