Should I Elope With My Boyfriend?

Sad girl want to Elope With Boyfriend

My boyfriend has lots of issues with his family. They are just not willing to accept our love and have even told him to leave home if he keeps in touch with me.

Should I Elope With My Boyfriend?

I am 19 and I am a student with no financial back-up. My final exams are approaching soon. Because of his family matters, he wants me to elope with him. But I don’t want to do that though I love him a lot. I love my parents too and I can’t hurt them like this. What do I do? Please help me. I am torn between my boyfriend’s love and my loyalty to my parents. I love them a lot too and have a responsibility towards them. If I elope like this they will be shattered. I need your advice.


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Dear Lady,

Please do not elope! That is the stupidest thing to ever do.

Life is not just about momentary love but about many things.
Life is not just about momentary love but about many things.

Your boyfriend should respect your love for your parents

Life is not just about momentary love but about many things. It’s more about trust and loyalty and the love that comes from it. If your boyfriend doesn’t respect the love, trust and care that your parents showed you for so many years, he may, later on, disregard your love and leave you at the drop of a hat.

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Don’t hurt your parents

You are right in your dilemma and you have the right attitude – don’t hurt your parents.

Also whenever you decide to marry see to it that you can support yourself and that you don’t have to depend on anyone. Please be an independent woman first and then make all the mistakes you want to make. For then no one else will be responsible for your life and mistakes.

Love and light,
Joie Bose

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