Should I leave my husband since our sex life is zero?

No medicine is working on his erectile dysfunction and he is anyway not interested in sex
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Dear Ma’am,

I am a 29-year-old married woman, but my husband and I, we don’t have a sex life at all. I can say that in my 6 years of our marriage life we have had sex for just six months. He says he is not interested, but I can feel that he also has an erectile disorder for which no treatment is working. I tried talking to my husband so many times I don’t know what else is left for me to do. Also, now we are facing pressure to start a family but how can we have children with zero sex life? Is this normal? I’m having sexual relationships with another man now. Should I leave my husband? I’m confused.

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Dr Avani Tiwari says:

Dear Confused,

The first thing that you must do it to talk to your husband regarding

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The affair helps me survive my sexless marriage

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  1. I think this girl should leave the marriage, if he is a good soul he will initiate that process. They have a choice of being good friends etc. Without sex she is being punished for no fault of her own. My recommendation is leave asap. Her having an affair has no bearing on this advice.

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