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Sicilian Defense

game of chess

If one has to write on Golden Rules of Marriage one has to eat the Delhi ka Laddoo. My marriage shall complete forty years this year in the month of December and even if I were demented I shall remember the date. Usually even the old, those nearing the 100 also remember their marriage date(one little observation). Glad to say that my marriage is a successful one and for that most of the credit goes to my wife. One must understand the game before one points out any rules.


It is like a game of Chess. No sooner one is married the wife gladly offers the husband the White pieces to play as a great gesture. Then you make the first move, Say 1.e4, the most common and the best attacking move and she follows. You are generous and pompous. You take her to a honeymoon she deserves and buy her gifts.She gladly acts dumb and enjoys her privileges. That is when she plays a Sicilian defense. Black takes control of the d4 square with a pawn from the side – thus she imbalances the position and avoids giving White a central target.


What are the advantages? Many and as per plan these are:

Unbalances the game

Gives Black good chances of attack

Great opening when you need to play for a win


Having understood the game plan the husband has to immediately shift to defense himself but as the game progresses the wife becomes sharper and more aggressive to ultimately finish the game with a check mate. The way I have been gladly check-mated.


Around 40 years on, I can report that I am the one who makes his wife morning tea in bed most days of the year. I have discovered that it is true what they say: for a happy life, you need a happy wife. I maintain good manners especially with my wife. Manners are all about how we make other people feel, and it’s the little everyday things that mark out the courteous and civilized from the selfish and self-centered. Never argue, because your wife is always right. Never discontinue communication, if you fight in the day make it a point to make up before the day ends or by night at the least. Learn to let go of the little things.You must remember you have your own idiosyncrasies too. Last but not the least do not disrespect your spouse.


That much for the Golden Rules. There are other rules one must keep in mind but I shall leave those for the issues in Bonobology.

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