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12 signs your boss is flirting with you

The classic signs of a boss who seems interested in you - making your professional life miserable.
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Maintaining boundaries between your boss and you in the office and outside the office can become extremely difficult if you feel that your boss is flirting with you. If your boss takes keen interest in your day-to-day life, he tries to stay in constant touch with you even during weekends, he laughs at your lamest jokes and goes out of his way to help you: these are just some powerful signs of male attraction. Read on to know more.

The employee-boss relationship

An ideal employee-boss relationship is one in which both mutually respect each other. The boss encourages and guides the employee in his/her work area, while the employee takes inspiration from the boss and works towards becoming a better member of the organisation. However, such a professional and helpful relationship can turn awkward if the boss starts flirting with the employee. Usually, many employees are unable to deal with such a situation and end up quitting their jobs. But some go ahead and develop romantic relationships with their bosses.

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12 signs your boss is flirting with you

Before you decide whether you want to be in a relationship with your boss or not, you first have to be sure that he is genuinely interested in you. If your gut feeling turns out to be an illusion, then things at your workplace might become really embarrassing for you. Office romances sometimes conclude with bitter experiences, hence it pros and cons need to be measured beforehand. Therefore, to make things easier, we give you 12 signs a man is attracted to you sexually, so that you can find out the true feelings of your boss.

1. You are the centre of his attention

Giving special attention to you in the office probably becomes your boss’s favourite thing to do during the day. He will make useless excuses just to call you into his cabin or to visit you at your work desk. Sometimes he may even bring a cup of coffee/tea or packed lunch especially for you, which means he feels attracted to you and wants to make you feel special.

2. He keeps in touch with you for no real reason

Your boss probably uses his social media profiles and mobile phone to flirt with you and stay connected with you without any particular reason. He leaves sweet comments on your statuses and pictures on social media websites. Even when you are online on any of your social media profiles, he will make it a point to chat with you. His texts will also indicate his attraction towards you.

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3. Your boss’s body language acts as a big indicator

Male body language signs of attraction are very easy to understand if you pay close attention to these. For instance, your superior will stare at you lovingly. If you catch him staring at you, he will feel embarrassed or will even blush. His entire body language will become sensual and playful around you. He will try to lean towards you while talking to you and will try to look for opportunities to touch you. Your boss might even seem happy when you are around.

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4. He proposes certain after-work activities to you

He makes an effort to spend time with you outside the office by asking you out for a cup of coffee or treating you to a lavish dinner. If he is not this direct, then he will purposely create work for you so that he can be with you after the working hours are over. Late-night meetings, private meetings and private business trips become a common phenomenon in your work life and you slowly understand that your boss has feelings for you.

5. Your personal life piques his interest

Generally, bosses do not bother about the personal lives of their employees until and unless their employees get caught up in some personal emergency. But if you find your superior taking keen interest in your family matters and other private issues, then pay heed to this signal of male attraction. Your personal life becomes important to him, because he is interested in becoming a part of your life.

6. He overtly shares his opinions and thoughts with you

Whenever he faces some problems in the office, you are the first person who comes to his mind. He will share his thoughts and opinions with you and will value your suggestions more than the suggestions of your colleagues. In addition, secrets related to his personal life will also be revealed to you, as he wants to start a special relationship with you.

7. Your looks and appearance matter to him

It is one thing to ask your employee to look presentable in the office. But if your boss is vigilant about your looks and appearance in the office, then there is something fishy going on. He might not compliment you on your work, but he will definitely compliment you when you make a change in your appearance or apparel.

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8. Plus he makes noticeable changes in his appearance

He might revamp the way he looks in the workplace, just to make a lasting impression on you. Your boss will keep experimenting with new outfits, new accessories, new perfumes, new hairstyles, etc. and will flaunt the changes in front of you so that you notice them and perhaps give him a compliment or two. And by chance if you do mention a change you liked in his appearance, he will surely stay committed to that change.

9. Your boss secures your position in the office

A boss who flirts with you and wants to start a relationship with you will take special pains to ensure that your position in the office stays secure. He will defend your work in front of others so that nobody can question your potential. If he transfers to another office, he will make efforts to ensure that you transfer to the same office. Your boss will paint such a rosy picture of your future with the company that you will not be able to leave the company.

10. Showers you with gifts too often

Giving gifts of appreciation and encouragement to their employees is something that every boss should do for the ultimate success of the company. However, if your boss showers you (and only you) with gifts too often, then he might have fallen for you. By gifting you things you like and romantic gifts like flowers or chocolates, he will keep giving you an indication that he likes you.

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11. Other people in the office notice your boss

You might be unaware of the flirtatious behaviour of your boss. But the people around you in the office, i.e. your colleagues, will notice his behaviour and warn you of it. Even if you take it as a joke and let it slide, you must remember that a third person perspective in this situation might be helpful for you. The others in the office will start talking about it and in no time you will hear rumours of the boss favouring you and so on.

12. He tries to match your wavelength

The main aim of talking to you is to get to know what your likes and dislikes are. On the basis of those likes and dislikes, he will try to highlight the things you both have in common and match your wavelength. In this way, he will convince you that you both are meant to be together. If your boss was not interested in you, then he would not take efforts to know you better.

These signs will probably confirm your suspicions regarding your boss having a romantic inclination towards you. But there are certain questions that you must ask yourself before you even think about stepping into a relationship with your boss: Do you genuinely like him? Is he single? Do you really know your boss as a person? Will risking your career be worth it? Once you answer these honestly, you will be able to make a wise decision. So all the best to you!

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