Signs that you have a foodie husband

When the love for food triumphs over everything else, when hitting the new biryani joint in the city becomes priority one at the weekend, when Swiggy knows more about his current food preferences than his mother, you know you are married to a foodie husband. But there are some more definite signs too! Such as these:

Whenever you two go out, it’s almost always for food and taking the perfect shot of those dishes become more important than clicking a kick-ass couplefie.

While other wives complain about their husbands not bothering to help in the kitchen, yours keep experimenting with innovative recipes. Some turn out a complete disaster, but some are really good.

You can blame him for your increasing waist size because you never knew you had a foodie sleeping inside you until he came along and woke it up.

More than focusing on bonding with each other, he would rather like it more if you two could bond with the food instead! And even if you are in a hurry to finish your food, he insists you slow down a bit and ‘savour the flavour’.

But, no matter what, you are totally in love with your partner and the foodie inside him. For the girl who never liked to be in the kitchen, he makes you see the beauty in it now.

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