6 Signs your partner is a foodie

We have always heard our parents say that “the way to one’s heart is through his/her stomach”. It’s so true if you are married to a foodie. When you are dating a foodie, you can’t be a picky eater. You have to be willing to eat and try out new dishes and new restaurants. He or she has a passion for food and these are the ways you can find out if your partner is a foodie.

Foodies have a great heart

Research has also proved that foodies have great hearts and they are the happiest people as compared to others. So, you are lucky enough to get married to a foodie.

The best part about being married to a foodie is you don’t have to search for anything special to make his/her day special, you know the trigger for their happiness is food. So, just indulge in getting their favourite food and make their day special. It’s just like Joey Tribbiani of Friends – the man who found his kick in food.

If your partner is obsessed with food that does not mean it’s unhealthy. Love for food does not mean gluttony. You will also realize that you have become a foodie too staying with a foodie partner.

Embrace your foodie self

Once this feeling washes over you, don’t let it go. Embrace the feeling and embrace the foodie within you. And thank your partner for unveiling this side of you.

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