10 Signs You Married The Wrong Person

signs you married the wrong person

We all deal with regret regarding certain decisions of our life sometime or the other because as a human being you tend to make mistakes. However, the regret involved with something as important as marriage can turn out to be like a life sentence for you. At times, certain relationships are not meant to be, but you still end up being together. Then one day you realise you married the wrong person. It is during these times, when you need to keep calm and think about what to do next as marriages are considered to be a bond shared by two people. You cannot just give up and let go of your relationship.

10 Signs You Married The Wrong Person

In the beginning, everything must have felt like a dream; where you meet your perfect match and live happily ever after. Well many couples do have such dreams which become a reality for them. However, there are some couples who start facing problems with their marriages which cannot be solved, despite all efforts. The person, who meant the world for you at one time, might make you feel unsure of the relationship in the next moment. What if?

Your decision was not right and you married the wrong person.

How can you come to know if your relationship is wrong? Go through the following signs:

1. Fights are a regular phenomenon

It is common in any person’s married life to have fights and differences. In fact, most couples fight on the same common things. But when these fights increase or become a routine activity then it is a cause of concern. Sometimes these fights can turn physical as well and once this happens, it should definitely ring a bell. The fights may turn ugly. The more unresolved conflicts you have in your marriage, the more chances are there that your partner is not compatible with you.

You fight often

You often fightImage source

2. You feel lonely

Marriage is all about companionship with a person who makes you feel whole and who loves you. If on the other hand, you do not feel complete and happy in the company of your partner then it is an alarming sign that your decision of marriage was wrong. Being in a marriage with the wrong person will make you feel lonely and you will only find comfort when you are in your own company.

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3. Priorities of both of you start clashing

When you marry another person, you both become one soul so everything must be according to the liking of both the partners. Earlier your priorities and goals may not matter to you, but after marriage, you both make compromises to make the relationship work. In case you find out that your priorities are not the same or have changed from what they used to be then, it is something that points at a relationship which is not meant to be.

Priorities start to clash

Priorities start to clash Image source

4. You are unable to connect to him/ her anymore

With the passage of time, you realize that you have no feelings for each other whatsoever. There is nothing to talk about and share with each other. There are no stories to tell and nothing to hear from him or her. It is as if you are just sharing the room and bed with no concerns for one another. Sharing and bonding over conversations make your marriage strong and if this is lacking, then you probably ended up in a wrong relationship.

5. You were just wedding obsessed

Sorry to say this upfront, but there are some people who are just obsessed with the idea of getting married and do not take enough measures to find someone who truly matters in their life. This may be the case with you as well that you did not make efforts to choose the perfect partner and now your marriage is all screwed up.

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6. Lying has become common in your relationship

Lying can ruin a marriage. And if you guys are constantly lying to each or hiding things then it is a matter of concern. We are not talking about lying over trivial issues like cleaning, throwing garbage and all. When it comes to big issues like money or other important matters then it is high time to take a step back and review your relationship.

you often lie to your spouse

You find yourself lying often Image source

7. Your partner always insults you and makes you feel dejected

One of the strongest warning signs that a relationship is not good for you is when your partner always makes you feel low about yourself. Marriage is all about caring and uplifting the better half and not about insulting your partner and pointing out their weaknesses in a derogatory manner. It is unhealthy to stay with someone who makes you feel that you are a horrible person and have nothing good in you as this may lead to depression.

8. Your marriage decision was based on financial security

Marrying someone based on their income is not a smart move. You never know when that income may vanish and you are left with nothing. When it was money which was your prime concern at the time of marrying then, definitely you made the wrong decision.

Money matters before marriage

Money matters Image source

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9. You keep craving for love

Love and affection have no place in your relationship whatsoever. You both are unable to love and be there for each other either physically or mentally. Love is an important ingredient in making your marriage successful and if there is no love from your or your partner’s side then definitely you made the wrong decision of marrying him or her.

10. One of you engages in infidelity

Adultery is something which will make things worse for both of you. In case you have caught your partner cheating then, it is high time for you to end the relationship and move on in life. On the other hand, if you are cheating on your partner then, be upfront about it as it is proof of the fact that you are not happy in your marriage.

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I married the wrong person, what do I do now?

Marriage is hard at times as it entails its own kinds of struggles. If you are going through the rough phase of your married life then obviously you may think that you married the wrong person. Now, this is not saying that divorce is the solution, but this should wake you up to the hard reality that you need to work on your marriage if you want it to survive. If you have such thoughts or feelings:

  1. Remember, there is no perfect person to marry in real life. In fact, you have to make your marriage perfect with the person you are married to
  2. If you are losing interest in him or her then, try to rejuvenate the love between you two and have frequent dates and dinner together. Do not keep thinking that he/she is the wrong person for you
  3. Try to resolve conflicts and issues in your life and never let them go out of proportion
  4. Divorce is not the solution to all your problems. Never think about it as a solution until and unless absolutely necessary
  5. Once you have tried and tested all the ways to make your relationship successful and nothing works, you both can end the marriage on a mutual note

Now, do you really want to give up when you marry the wrong person and all seems to be going downhill? No. You try to make it work if the relationship has chances of survival. If your relationship cannot be saved, then be ready to let go.

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