Signs you are moving from friends to lovers

Sometimes, love appears in the most unexpected of places. A friendship may turn into something more, something romantic and you might not have even expected to end up this way. If you think your friendship is moving a step ahead you might feel that your friendship may suffer and the connection between you two as friends may disappear. This can be one of the reasons that you didn’t want to accept that your friendship is taking another road. You don’t want to acknowledge that you are moving from friends to lovers. 

How do you know if someone likes you more than just a friend?

Sometimes, the strongest of the relationship blossoms out of friendship. Many people find themselves in an awkward position to get friend-zoned and hence, unable to express their feelings for the one who just think of them as a friend. But you never know!

Some friends become too special to just remain as friends, you slowly start moving from being friends to something more. And this friend can be the best partner for you, “the right one”.

But, how would you know whether you are falling in love with him or it’s just an infatuation? And how would you know if your friend also has the same feelings for you or not? How would you know that the feeling that is developing is a more serious one and you are moving from friends to lovers?

So, to remove all the doubts, watch out the video that tells you all the signs that is there in your friendship.

Here are the signs that tell you, you are more than friends now!

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