8 Signs From The Universe That Love Is Coming Your Way

signs love is coming your way

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

There are 6 billion people on this earth but in the eyes of our beloved, we become unique. Love gives meaning to our soul and purpose to our lives. While even the happiest married couple bicker and fight on the most trivial things, singles long to feel that sense of connectedness and companionship with someone. This is the eternal quest, to find our true love our soul mate, the one half who will complete us so that we finally stop feeling lonely. We get stories day in and day out from people who desperately want to be in a serious relationship but for some reason or the other are not into one. In their quest to find ‘the one’ they have invested months, even years in unhealthy or unworthy relationships, only to end up with emotional scars and a huge baggage of past relationships which make them doubt their own selves. Is their soul mate even there?

Here we want to tell you that yes, your soul mate exists and is there. Maybe you have even met each other! We had this story from a person who met her true love after twenty years of their first meeting. We believe in destiny, in stars, do you? We believe that if a person is meant for you, he/she will show up when the stars in the universe align to make the love of your life cross your path at the right time and the right place! Perhaps in a gym, or at a party or maybe in your office. He/she may come in the form of a fellow traveller or a conference attendee! But till you meet your person you will have sleepless nights, yes the wait is restless.  To be unsure of who he/she is how will you know? We believe that the universe will give you signs to tell you that the love of your life has come, all you have to do is be open to those them.

The essential thing is to keep an open mind while interpreting signs from the universe and allow yourself to embrace your loved one wholeheartedly at the right time.

8 Signs From The Universe That Love Is Coming Your Way

Love’s arrival feels like magic, a gift of luck, suddenly everything starts making sense. Why the past relationships failed, what you needed to learn from those, perhaps you needed to grow, maybe ‘he’ needed some understanding, maybe you were not ready to commit, maybe he wasn’t. And when all things fall in place, the universe will read it and voila, the two of you will be face to face! And while we are a little suspect on love, at first sight, we do think that when you meet your soulmate, there’s this soft connection between the two of you which is inexplicable. Maybe it’s your pheromones reacting with each other, or somehow your intuition which tells you that you complement what he lacks in and the other way around. You will see the signs before the actual meeting and so will he. The energy of love will envelop your life, but you must pay attention to the signs from the universe that love is coming your way and work actively to remove any blockages- emotional, psychological or otherwise that may hinder it.

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The signs of love, however, will be a combination of subtle and the more obvious, you will have to trust your instincts, use your analytical mind and perhaps the wisdom to read and decode whether he is truly your soulmate. Remember when we say soulmate we do not believe that you are perfect for each other, honestly no one is. That’s a myth. By soulmate, we mean that the two of you like each other (even when the physical chemistry has faded) and feel that you accept and get each other and will be able to carve out a somewhat decent life together. It does not mean that you will never have differences with your true love or have huge arguments leading to even bigger fights but that in the end that love will triumph and even if you do not see eye to eye on a thing, you will agree to disagree. Here are some signs for you to know if he is not capable of love at all. Do read this and come to your own conclusions. So brace up, have the patience but be alert to notice these love indicators. Remember the universe speaks to us all the time. We don’t always recognize the messages or realizations because the universe speaks through experience. Allow yourself to feel fully, do not restrict yourself. We have listed some of the signs love is on the way to make your life easier and happier.

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1. You just know when the time is right

You have been through thinking about that one quality that you would want in a man and funnily enough, he wears that exact same philosophy maybe on his t-shirt. Or talks about it to you in some random conversation. You have not even brought the topic up, he has. Trust in that sixth sense. When you meet your soul mate your heart will have some inkling, or maybe you will feel it in your gut, there will be a flow to the friendship, an ease. And more often than not this feeling that someone special has come the way will be mutual, akin to how pieces of a puzzle just click together when you find the ones with fitting grooves. You will feel happy and relaxed. So all you have to do is trust that feeling and follow the path shown by the universe to reach your true love destination.

when time is right

Waiting for the right time Image source

2. You keep having the most romantic dreams

You may have dreams about loving and being loved and those dreams will make you feel oddly satisfied and happy. It could be a stranger that you have seen across town, in bars or cafes or maybe in your office building. Or maybe the pop-up as a suggested friend on Facebook or the two of you are tagged on some common posts on Twitter. You are not sure that your dream is about the same person but you do have a vague feeling of having sen them somewhere. Even when you wake up and cannot put a face to the happiness that you have felt when asleep the moment you see them in real life you will know it was them. Romantic dreams are signs from the universe that true love is around closeby. Dreams can be your window to the future. “Ignoring the signs is a good way to end up at the wrong destination.” ~ Unknown

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3. You start seeing the sequence of numbers

The universe has a unique way of beckoning the love of your life through the manifestation of number sequences such as 1111 or 111. They are also known as ‘angel numbers’. So, whenever you notice such numbers in your bills, watch license plates of cars, the page number of books, etc. Maybe it is a sign that one crucial phase of your life has ended (you being single) or that something different is about to begin. The meaning you give to it will be the meaning your life takes from it. Remember these angel numbers are there to help you move from a less than happy state to a happier one. Maybe they are asking you to open yourself up to experiences, let these numbers guide your spirits. Pay attention to your surroundings and the people you are with because these number sequences are important indicators of something beautiful and magical that the universe is conspiring about. You can read more about the angel numbers here. 

4. Random repetitions are sure-shot signs of love

Love signs appear everywhere

Signs of love Image source

Signs from the universe on love will not appear in a straight forward way but they will be around in a random sequence and weirdly in a repetitive loop. For instance, you may be humming a tune in your head and it plays in the club you are lunching at, and then your city radio plays it on your way home. You wake up to your neighbors playing another romantic song of the same era and then the song lodges itself even more firmly. It’s almost like all you need is that person to give the face to that song. What if you overhear sweet whispering of love’s declaration in the cafe you are grabbing you coffee at, or have two friends share about their recent double date. What if your social media throws a short video of XYZ proposing to ABC (and you are not even in their close circle) or your sister tells you about how her close friend’s brother met the woman of his dreams in a relatives wedding etc. You just have to notice these indicators smartly. These are the signs of love

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5. You are confident and ready to take risks

You have been through your shit and a score of ex’s and more than knowing what you want, you know what you don’t want. You have worked out your deal makes and deal-breakers and you are confident about what you are bringing to the table. You believe in yourself and you are ready for the right one to come along. This is what the universe too was waiting for, it sees that you are not afraid to take risks and explore new opportunities in life. Maybe you went on that spiritual retreat that you had promised yourself and never did, maybe you took up the challenge to locate to a new city at work, you moved out of your comfort zone and met someone you would not ideally meet. You have done things to add value to your life, getting fit, living healthy, chasing your goals and learning new things. The universe has perhaps guided you to this new setting to make you meet your person perhaps.

6. You are happy and content with your personal life

It seems like everything is falling into place. Professionally you are doing well and personally, your relationship with relatives and friends and others around you is smooth. You are content with what you have in life and you are done with past regrets, especially related to your love life. You understand that people cannot be copies of each other and that loving also means not loving at times. This is perhaps the time when you are least disturbed or influenced by your past baggage and are ready to be open and more understanding of the new relationships coming your way. You are now not as quick to judge or typecast and perhaps you are at peace with yourself. You understand that you cannot expect others to be accountable for your needs and from that understanding comes fulfillment. You will find another who is at the same place in life.  The two of you are complete in yourself but come together to be even better and help each other be better. The happiness you feel with yourself is an essential sign from the universe that love is on its way and that you are ready to finally settle down with ‘the one’ in your life happily.

Happy with life

She is happy with her life Image source

7. Love is everywhere you go

Flowers are in bloom, a spate of romantic movies are being released in the movie theatre and on Netflix, couples holding hands in the park or exchanging glances on the bus. Peacocks dancing for their hens, and even the rains speak of the love they feel for the earth. Romantic shayris popping up in your Whatsapp groups and the theme of your book club that month is romance!  The universe showers lovers everywhere around you. That in turn ups your love energy level. You feel positive and you want to shower the feelings on someone.

It will be as if love is following you around. It’s a sign that love is going to cross your path soon.

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8. You start believing in the universe

Earlier, if you were skeptical about the signs from the universe, you will now have faith in the kindness of the universe. You will begin to see the part destiny plays and will go with the slow. You will now be comfortable with the idea of asking the universe for guidance and will find signs in the most unexpected places. You will be able to trust the universe to have your best interest at heart and soon, the path to your true love will become clearer and smoother.

Case study of someone who was blocking her own energy and how she resolved it.

Shivanya Yogmaya, a healer who helps people cleanse their negative energy and past baggage says, ‘You have kissed all the wrong frogs and finally the prince shows up, someone who is far more than you expected and he desires you too! It is finally not a rotten man or a one-sided love with a good one. The question to ask is why did it take you so long to find the one?’ She concludes that more often than not, the person herself stands in the way of love. All the Barriers to love are normally within them, and not the other way round. She shared the case study of a client who was approaching all her new relationships with huge baggage- the fear of being abandoned, sexual abuse, fear of separation and none stemmed from this lifetime. In their sessions, they dived into her past karmic imprints of serial patterns of many lifetimes. She gave her healing sessions through healings sessions through reiki, crystals and yog nidra. This helped her rid herself of her past scars of fears and doubts from all the dimensions of space and time. And finally, when she was ready to receive love it came knocking as stepping signs from the Universe. She says, ‘Universe was and is always responding to you, to your vibration. The universe starts showing signs of who you are being… not just what you are wanting or desiring.

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Interpreting the signs from the universe

To succeed in your quest for true love, you should learn to interpret the signs from the universe. This, however, can be a challenging task because we often train ourselves to ignore our intuitions and gut feelings. We prioritize logic and hard facts and try to ground ourselves in reality and deal with things practically.

So here are a few tips that will clear the obstacles in your journey to find love:

  • Believe in the universe with all your heart and know that everything happens for a reason
  • Keep asking the universe for what you want and your wishes will be answered
  • Be patient at all times no matter how hard it gets and never lose hope
  • Acknowledge and thank the universe for all that you have received and grateful for the guidance

What you will feel within you as a sign from the Universe that love is coming your way

Ashish Paul, a qualified Ayurvedic Physician (BAMS-Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist sums it up for us here:-

  • You are ready to surrender. You are ready to give all your emotions to loving someone. And you are ready unconditionally. You have surrendered to love. It doesn’t matter who the person might be. You have decided that you will love this person to your fullest.
  • You have an unfulfilled desire. You remember this desire from time to time. You have this unadorned desire of being loved or sharing love with someone.
  • Your current relationship/s is not fulfilling. Everything between you two is going fine but it just doesn’t seem enough. Your relationship is not charming enough for you. You may feel bored and unhappy, not necessarily with your partner but generally with the situation.
  • You are becoming a little more courageous. You are taking a little more risk every day. Perhaps you put on that bright lipstick, which you never dare to use before, or you were too conscious to use before.
  • You want adventure. You are ready for some thrill, excitement and some passion. You may decide to go on a hiking trip or a painting holiday for adventure.
  • You are curious. You are curious about yourself. You want to see how you would behave if love show up right now in your life. You are eager to see your reaction.
  • You are ready for exploration. This exploration or this journey could be of sexual nature or it could be cooking or singing.
  • You are becoming sensual. You are sexually aware of your desires. You want someone who can help you in carrying out these sexual desires.

Only when you follow the above tips honestly, will you be open to the energies of love and attract this emotion towards you in a more positive way. Now after knowing the signs from the universe that love is coming and how to interpret them, you are ready to take a deep plunge in the ocean of love. All the best!

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