Affair and Cheating

Signs when a friendship becomes a ready ground for an affair

Let's Discuss Infidelity, an initiative of Bonobology, raised a crucial question and members responded with interesting answers
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Infidelity is on the rise. According to counsellors and relationship experts at Bonobology, 7 out of every 10 relationship queries are about an extramarital affair, with either the person or their spouse accused of transgression. Most often, the seed of future infidelity is sown in an innocent friendship in the present, through college reunions, mutual Facebook friends, or simply a WhatsApp forward from a person you have met at a party.

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Any signs of when a friendship is turning into something more which then becomes a ripe ground for an affair? What should two people in such a friendship watch out for?

Responses from members of Bonobology group Let’s Discuss Infidelity.

Affair or Friendship?

Beginning of an affair

An affair takes moments to start

Cheating the spouse

Hiding an affair

Need love more than spouse

How many of these do you agree with?
 Is friendship actually a vulnerable ground for a future affair?  Do let us know in the comments below.[/restrict]

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    1. Yes friendships can lead to affairs if the involved people don’t keep within limits. Dependency and hiding things from your spouse are signs that you should look out for.

    2. Hiding is always the first step i guess. Constant comparisons between you spouse and your friend, waiting for your spouse to leave so that you can call or spend time with your friend and all such things are also indicators.

    3. 7 out of every 10 relationship queries are about an extramarital affair! Wow!

      Infidelity is definitely on the rise. Friendship can definitely be a breeding ground for an extramarital affair unless we stick to boundaries. What might start as a casual conversation about your spouses might soon develop into deeper and more intimate exchanges. That’s when things might get dicey i guess.
      I think hiding from your spouse and emotional dependence are sure signs of straying.

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