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Signs you have been together for too long

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When you two got together, you wondered how long it will last. Years have passed and the relationship just continues to grow. Sure there are fights, arguments, and battles even. But you two keep coming back to each other and everyone around you admits that it is adorable! Anyone can just look at you and tell that you have been together for a long time. What are the signs –

Silence is comfortable: Both of you are okay when sitting in a room without talking. You don’t need small talk to fill up the silence and don’t have to wonder what the other is thinking. The biggest sign of bringing together forever is to enjoy the silence without any thoughts. Words and communication are part of first few meetings when you wanted to know more about each other but now are totally into each other.

But you still fight: Things are predictable between you two, but that does not mean that you no longer fight! There are debates, arguments, and fights like before but now you resolve the issues better. Also, there is saying that if there is no fight and issue resolving then relationships are being handled with brain and not with the heart. Being together also means that your heart to belongs to each other.

You complete each other’s sentences: He starts the sentence and you know how it is going to end. Call it being predictable but you know what is on the other’s mind. You have been together for long and you both understand each other so well. Couples who have been long together known well what’s going on each other minds and they complete it.

Gifts are practical: Gone are the days when mushy, secretive gifts were the ‘thing’ with you. Now you both gift each other utility items and probably ask each other what the requirement is.

No one’s judging: She may not spend hours thinking what to wear to meet you. He may not pay attention to grooming himself like he did when he first met you. It’s not so much for taking the other for granted but in knowing that your partner isn’t judging you. You can be who you are. When you hang out even then you can be yourself and there is no pretending.

Strong mutual trust: By now, your trust in each other is so strong that no adverse circumstances can break it. For instance, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan, the trust between them is truly appreciable. Trust between you is so strong that third person cannot break it.

Not his friends or her friends: You now have common friends. Hangout with them, go on trips with them etc. you are comfortable with each other’s friends. You know everything about his friends and he/she knows everything about your friends.

Social Media:– You have each other’s family members on your facebook: You have attended family functions, met everyone. Family members of both are now on the social media as your both friends and you respect everyone. You can have a comfortable conversation with his/her family members without anger or any compromise.

Communication: Speaking of functions, you can communicate across the room with each other through eyes. Also, you can honestly talk to each other without thinking about your feelings, emotions, and opinions about others. Communication without being offended is a sign of being together forever.

You both are inseparable – And of course, the biggest sign of bringing together forever is that you just cannot imagine living without each other. You mean the world to each other.

Maintaining relationships really requires hard work. But when couples are made for each other all that is required is just trust and loads of love. Happy togetherness! Long way to go.

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