Signs your wife is having an affair

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Signs your wife is having an affair

Have you been feeling out of sync with your wife lately? Do you think it’s because your wife is having an affair? Unlike movies, infidelities in real life don’t reveal themselves in an explosive moment of realisation. The truth becomes clear in bits and pieces and over several behaviours that your wife may display. Read on to understand the various signs that may indicate that your wife is having an extramarital affair.

1. She looks noticeably different

Your wife dresses up in a noticeably different way than before. She makes an extra effort to look glamorous when she goes to work. This might be a sign that your wife is cheating with a co-worker.

2. An obsessive need for privacy

She no longer leaves her phone

She using mobile at late night Image Source

You notice her need for privacy has suddenly gone up. She no longer leaves her phone lying around. She always locks her laptop screen. She starts receiving her credit card statements at her office instead of home. These may be signs of a cheating wife.

3. She’s extremely defensive for no reason

She responds aggressively when you try to tell your wife that something feels different about her. This may be because she thinks you are on to her and trying to deflect your questions. This is a tell-tale sign of adultery.

4. Emotional distance

Your wife has become emotionally distant of late. You can sense that she isn’t connecting with you as before. Emotional coldness and isolation in your wife are probably the biggest signs that she is cheating on you.

she's not present mentally

She lost in other things Image Source

5. Depression, insomnia, mood swings

Is your wife, who used to be happy and vibrant, feeling low and moody very frequently? If she is not forthcoming with the reason it may indicate her guilt of being involved in an extramarital relationship.

6. Sudden change in schedule

Your notice a drastic change in your wife’s daily activities. She is attending more ‘meetings’ than before and going out with friends on weekends. Moreover, she always seems to have an excuse for not inviting you. This may mean your wife is cheating on you.

These signs are not absolute and jumping to a conclusion based on these may be a mistake. However, if you see most of these behaviours in your wife it may be time for the two of you to have a talk.

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