Sincerity aka Sachayi – Don’t tell lies ya!

Mei aur meri sachayi,

Aksar ek dusre se baatein karte hain,

Ke tum na hote,

To kuch bhi na hota,

Mein kabhi is baat pe jhoot bol deti,

Kabhi tumhe jhoot moot gale laga leti,

Lekin yeh ho na saka,

Aur ab yeh alam hai,

Ki mein sirf sach ki rah pe chali

aur sach ke siva zindagi mei, kuch aur bana na payi,

Mei aur meri sachayi,

aksar ek dusre se baatein karte hain

Ke mein your honor,

mein sach kahoongi, aur sach ke siva aur kuch nahi kahoongi…

They say honesty is the best policy, they say, Gandhiji got us freedom with these principles of honesty and a few others. They also say, that honesty, is to die for, but sometimes, I do wish I could lie.

Many also say, a lie can save a marriage, I am shocked beyond words at such thoughts, for me, its like, what is there to save, if you had to stray and lie? Why save a dead marriage after all, “You cant have your cake and eat it at the same time; thats not possible.

Many also say, a lie when said in appropriateness, does no harm. What? Is there some sort of bargaining going on in words here? What is being bargained actually? The truth, because its too damn hard to hear?

Truth, is it over-rated? Nowadays, over-rated is a big word. People say this is over rated, that is over-rated, I say nothing is over rated, you are just making a new discovery.

Is there something like a good lie? Maybe yes, I think, Snowwhite, was a good lie, Cinderella is a good lie, Jack and the beanstalk is a good lie, Santa is the best lie, and kids abroad are brought up so innocent they believe in Santa till quite late in life. So these are the lies worth keeping, is what i feel.

In a relationship between a man and woman, lies has no place, absolutely. If one wants to be happy, better not to live a lie. Honesty is over rated? Maybe it is, but its worth all it is trouble.


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