My singing concert in the Bathroom!

22nd June, 2017. Around 8 am in the morning.

I had to visit my gynaceologist for my routine checkup & I was getting ready for the same when disaster struck!

The bathroom latch refused to budge as I found myself locked! I panicked! I just didn’t know what to do! Here I was, 7 months pregnant & locked in my bathroom, with my entire household completely unaware of my fate.

I thought to scream, that would probably make everyone realise that I am locked in my bathroom. But even as I opened my mouth to shout, I found myself singing! I am trained in classical singing but I had never sung in the bathroom! This was my golden chance!

“Mujhko iraade de

Kasmein de, vaade de

Meri duaaon ke isharon ko sahare de

Dil ko thikaane de.”

That felt good! That actually felt good! I continued singing.

“Naye bahaane de

Khwabon ki barishon ko

Mausam ke paimaane de”

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. It was my mum. “Yashu, are you alright? Why are you not coming out? We are getting late!” she said even as my elder brother & his wife asked my mum to relax.

Meanwhile, I was singing the following para.

“Sunn raha hai na tu

Ro rahi hoon, main

Sun raha hai na tu

Kyun ro rahi hoon main

Sunn raha hai na tu

Ro rahi hoon, main

Sun raha hai na tu

Kyun ro rahi hoon main”

“She seems to be locked inside.” I heard my elder brother’s wife. “Yashu, what are you doing?” my elder brother asked even as my mother was freaking out! “Yashu, move aside I am trying to bang the door so that the latch will loosen & you can open it.”

Meanwhile I was distracted by the latch movement even as everyone outside was asking me to check if the door would open now. I tried & succeeded! The door opened.

The moment I stepped out, my mum nearly pulled my ear & said, “Tere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai?” “Manju (My elder sister) aur Tanu (My elder brother’s wife) ne mujhe itna pareshaan nahi kiya jitna tu kar rahi hai! (Your elder sister & elder brother’s wife have not troubled me as much as you have!) Ab chal, jaldi se naashta kar le, Hume late ho raha hai.”( Now come & have your breakfast quickly, we are getting late!)

My mum left even as my elder brother looked at me in an amusing way & my sister-in-law hugged me & asked me if I was ok. I just smiled.

As I sat down to have breakfast, I heard my mum telling my sister-in-law & elder brother “2 bacchon ki maa banne waali hai lekin harkatien abhi bhi baccho jaisi hain!” (She’s going to be a mother of twins yet her behaviour is still child-like!)


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