Single Ladies of Bollywood

We say our society is getting modernised, but even now in most of the Indian societies, when a woman turns 30 with the tag of being “single”, she is seen with raised eyebrows. And she becomes a topic of concern for everyone in society. They don’t see that she is independent, successful and happy being single, these things are not their concern but being single is what becomes a discussion for them. These single ladies of Bollywood have re-written the rules though.

Well, in a country obsessed with Bollywood and B-town divas and stars, there are a few actresses who are unmarried and are happily enjoying their single status. Each one of them has proved and established herself in the industry.

Breaking the Indian society’s stereotype

These Bollywood actresses have stepped up to break down the stereotypical mindset of people who think a woman should get married in her late twenties. There have been many rumours of them being single but hardly matters as they have been working well and living a luxurious life. While some have turned into single parents, some are enjoying their single life to the fullest.

Hottest Unmarried Bollywood Actresses in 2019

Here are some of the hottest Bollywood actresses who are single and enjoying their lives.

  • Sushmita Sen

From, winning the title of “Miss Universe” with her talent and charismatic personality, she is one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood who is still single and happy in her life with two kids.

  • Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi is a talented actress and one of the hottest in Bollywood. She has done several movies and done good work.

  • Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has showcased her acting skills in many movies. She has done various movies with different characters and her work is outstanding in all the movies.

These single ladies of Bollywood are an inspiration to millions of fan across the world.

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