Single vs. Dating – How life changes

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1. Groom time:

When you are single:

You lie back and let the hair grow. Your makeup kit is lying covered in cobwebs. And your razor…what razor?


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When you are dating:

You cannot decide between your maroon backless dresses or between a simple tee and jeans when you are out with your date beau. Hair perfectly kept – shiny and glossy. And looks like someone had a laser hair treatment of late?


2. Money:

When you are single:

You even have residual balance in your account. And why not? Singlehood promotes financial success; you just have to spend enough for yourself.

happy kangana

When you are dating:

What money? Half of your salary is gone on fancy dinners, or on Uber.


3. Virtual life:

When you are single:

Your virtual life is pretty active when you are single. Social media is your constant partner. And also, stalking the hell out of the hot people out there.

alia bhatt seeing phone

When you are dating:

Your virtual life is on hold, for you have already found someone who is as emotionally broken as you are (or strong) and your entire day comprises thinking of what to wear and what to eat when you go on the next date.

sonam kapoor

You kind of has no time to keep checking your phone for social media updates.

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4. Feud:

When you are single:

Drama time when you are single is almost negligible. You are the queen of your own goddamn world and you don’t have an obligation to answer someone’s ‘Who were you talking to for so long?’.

Single=Drama x 0


When you are dating:

By feud, I mean a fight (or fights). This can range from ‘Why is there a hair in my soup?’ to ‘You didn’t even bother to answer my call’.

varun and alia in badrinath ki dulhania

5. Sex:

When you are single:

You might think singlehood propels the frequency of sex but most days, it’s just you, with no intention of going out, watching a match, with your hand in your boxers.

On the other hand, if you are up and about in your singlehood days, the frequency is quite often and a one-night stand is always an option for you.

When you are dating:

Your night might or might not end in sex. But if it does end in sex, it’s a comfortable one; you both know what you like and what you don’t.

deepika and saif

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