Why My Smart Watch Is Better Than My Partner!

Smart Watch Is Better Than My Partner

There are times you realize some things you own are better than your partner when it comes to care, concern, attention and time management. I have been comparing my smart watch to the hubby recently and (Dear Hubs, I am really sorry) the watch has been winning hands down. 

Gosh! Why? You may ask. Well, sometimes smart watches…umm…are just smart. That’s it. 

Why My Smart Watch Is Better Than My Partner

Guess there are things my smart watch can do which my hubby can’t. Yes, there are as many as 10 on this list. 

1. Uninterrupted sleep

My smart watch helps me track and improve the quality of my sleep rather than ruining it with its earth-shattering snoring.

Why my smart watch is smarter than my spouse
My smart watch is as smart and cute as Yoda Baby from Star Wars

2. My smart watch knows my hard work

Even when I forget clocking in my exercise, my smart watch keeps a check and records my hard work rather than my husband who is quick to notice even one inch of fat on my body and thinks it is his celestial duty to bring it to my attention. 

3. My smart watch is tough

It is resilient and waterproof unlike my spouse who has near-death experiences when faced with a lizard. 

4. My watch appreciates me

It gives me awards for as little as breathing right unlike my spouse who can’t even appreciate the five-topping pizza I lovingly ordered for him.  

Smart watches are smarter than husbands
Does the hubby appreciate pizza?

5. My smart watch gives me goals

My watch gives new customized goals to better me as opposed to my spouse who thinks my career is an inconvenience to him. 

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6. No attention needed

My watch needs 40 minutes of charge time and is good to go for a day, whereas my spouse requires my attention every ten minutes.  

7. It stands for style

I can style my watch with new bands while my husband wears his raggedy clothes from a decade ago. 

Photo Banner of humour

8. My smart watch encourages me

It encourages me throughout the day with messages like ‘You can do it’ I believe in you rather than telling me how his mom does everything better. 

The smart watch is being compared to the husband
It’s always wonderful to be encouraged

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9. I am never bored of my watch

I can change the face of my Apple watch when I get bored of it and we all know that is not possible with the spouse. 

10. It updates itself

My smart watch takes care of updating itself while my spouse still lives in the year 2000!

Psst…I hope the hubby isn’t reading this. I won’t be surprised if he turns up with Thor’s hammer to destroy my smart watch. I better tell Yoda Baby to hide it. 

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