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Soaking the gaiety of love in the hills


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Anywhere is paradise as long as your best half travels with you. When you pick a place, make sure it has enough adventure, kindles romance and is picturesque.

It was on the eve of our 17th wedding anniversary that hubby and I decided to do a trip all by ourselves. Our destination was Srisailam and this was the first time that hubby was driving in the hilly terrains. It was also our first visit to the famous shrine.

We started when it was bright (When do we ever start for anywhere on time?). We were armed with food and soft drinks, good collection of music and travel medicines. I love greenery and was pretty excited to be going on this trip. As soon as we touched the city limits, hubby grew tense and began to snack on the stuff that we had saved for the gurgling bread basket( read- for the stomach when hungry). Watching the snacks disappear one by one, I feared famine. Away we drove and then reached the ghat section. A visibly uncomfortable hubby began to squirm in his seat.

I held the fort and encouraged him to bash on regardlessly ( Army brat that I am). Just as we climbed the hills, we both felt the connect immediately. The rush of thrill coupled with a sudden awareness of each other was exhilarating. With each bend that we crossed, we grew closer than ever. We managed to hold hands when the climb was not steep and this feeling was magnetic- reminded us of our honeymoon trip to Kodaikanal.

It was noon and I was beginning to feel drowsy and would have dozed off as usual but for the thought of this challenging and yet romantic journey that kept me wide awake. I did not sleep even for a second during the 5 plus hours it took to reach our destination.

Once there, we found ourselves in a room that had just the basic necessities. This was again a first for us as we had been used to reasonably good hotels with all comforts. We threw our luggage and headed out for tea. Green tea is my choice and not very easy to locate in less popular areas, but to our surprise, we found a shack and I enjoyed my green tea while hubby enjoyed his filter coffee. This again was electrifying as we had eyes only for each other.

We went to the temple and finished the Darshan twice and returned to our modest room happily. We were booked for a seva the next day which we had to forego due to the cloudy weather. The journey back was amidst drizzles and slippery roads. The descent is always tricky in hilly areas. We made it back to the plains just fine before the rains lashed out wildly. As we approached our chosen eating joint for lunch at 4 pm ( I can be fussy and hubby dear always accommodates me), there was peace, joy, and love in our hearts.

This new awareness has made us rise more in love with each other. We have promised to sneak away on such trips more often and oh, did I mention that hubby dear stopped at dangerous locations just so I could click away happily? If this is not the perfect holiday, what is?

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  1. We all need those special get-away trips to rekindle that spark. Seems you had a good time in love amidst hills. Here’s wishing you for more!

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