Someday I will see you: Letter to my future partner

Dear Future Partner,

I know you are out there. Someday I will see you when you will be here sitting right next to me. I will tell you how my day was, how it made me feel lonely, and how strongly I acted.

I will tell you, how one day, I fought with myself just to trail along the world. Accept the bitter reality of people around me. Yet loving them compassionately, I learned how life can be.

While walking along the shady road, holding your hand, I will find the courage to shed my tears. You will know how I cried in silence to silence my fear to drain out my emotions. The amount of comfort in your arms will let me explain how one day my breath discerned me I am alive and how I tried to stop it.

You will know, the girl you are sitting with is not real. I fake people, suppressing my dreams and emotions. I lied to be loved by my people. Why I didn’t tell it to anybody.

Spending time together, you will see my imperfections, my mistakes, my stupidity and probably the dark side of me. You will see, I am not the one who you choose to be with at one sight. I am different, a little better and a little bitter.

Our coming days may give a sense that your girl is no more than a clumsy one you meet often. Yet, you hold my hand, and I feel warm. You hug me tightly, and I feel complete. We both will cross the rough road, and all storms will pass away.

When you will be with me, I will spill out how my heart is carrying intense hurt of wounds, and yet try to laugh hard. I reacted harshly where I supposed to stay calm, and how I felt when people misunderstood me.

Our late night stories will explain you, how stupidly I can react, how tiny things spread smile over my face, and how I surrender myself to the person I love the most. You will feel my intense love sprinkling all over you.

Lying on tickling grass far away from the world, you will surprise despite all the sorrows still how happy I am in my life. I danced on sun beats, and the moon shines.

To unknown, we can be friends, we can be lovers or just the missing person in life. We both have miseries, and we both suffered pain. We both laughed, and we both cried in silence. We both are imperfect and yet, we both are loved.

Someday I will open up me to you. And I promise I will make you do the same.

Someday I will forget my past and accept you, my Future.

Your Love.

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