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Casual date, strong connect, oodles of conversation over pint sized bottles….and then?
Beer glasses

That summer of 2011, I was an editor with an American publishing giant. Day in and day out, I was reading manuscripts and competing titles, coordinating with authors and production editors to bring out books which students would or would not read.

Attending book launch programs became a regular part of my job description. These events came as an icing on the cake because I got to visit places like India International Centre, India Habitat Centre and others; the drinks and dinner were the cherry on that icing.

At one such book launch, I met T. Single, professionals from the same field, living alone in Delhi – there was an instant connection. The meeting evolved into a discussion about the publishing industry in general and our experiences in particular. I was on the editing side, while he was into marketing. Our chit-chat over dinner gradually flowed into a lengthy discourse. T offered to drop me home. I readily agreed.

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