Sometimes he treats me well but sometimes he ignores me, does he like me or not?

I'm confused by the mixed signals he gives me...
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Dear Ma’am,

I am in love with a person who doesn’t value true love. Whenever he feels like he needs a girl to start a relationship, he comes to me, talks with me in a very nice manner and pampers me. But after some days he behaves like that I don’t matter to him. His behaviour is so confusing even sometimes I get confused whether he loves me or not.

A few days back he said that I should start a new relationship with one of his friends and then the next day he started prioritising me. Yesterday he sent me a rap song… it was a sad song. I don’t know why he is not leaving me and even whenever I try to leave him he does not let me do that. I don’t know what I should do. Please help.

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Snigdha Mishra says:

Dear Young Lady,

I’m gonna be extremely frank and outspoken with you. Okay? Please do not

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He is not interested in me so should I keep trying to woo him or move on?

I want to marry my ex who is not ready to commit

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