Affair and Cheating

Sometimes you just have to drink the wine

Simha was coming to Gurgaon today. Would the sparks that flew between us at the alumni meet still be there, or were they just a figment of my imagination?
man and woman drinking wine

(As told to Sheetal Choudhary)

Sparks flew at the reunion

We had graduated from the institute of management studies more than ten years back. He had opted for Finance and topped his course. Back then he had been a non-descript boy, wearing huge black-rimmed glasses on his prominent nose. The nose in turn was forever buried in books. He had been a good debater though and had represented our college at various intercollegiate fests.

Meeting him at the ten-year reunion five months back, I had been taken aback by the transformation. He had introduced himself, gently pulling my leg, “Sukriti, have you got a handle on derivative securities or are you still deriving?”

“Simha, I don’t believe it. You, you, you…. look good,” I had stammered. I wanted to say stunning but checked myself.

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  1. That’s what being modern women is all about. They keep a stereotype of men being philanderers when they themselves are no good.

  2. It is not easy…we build memories with people. The person who is not in your everyday life always seems more charming.

  3. Leave your husband and then enjoy your passionate love. Why do you want to stoop to a level of cheater

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