Sometimes, something happens out of the box that changes your life completely.

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On the threshold of my forties, I was leading a depressed life that was loveless and lifeless. He came as a fresh breath of air when everything else seemed barren. I came across him on a social site and we gelled up instantly. He made a great impact on me by his intellectual ways.

It felt incredible sharing thoughts on worldly things and being appreciated by an eminent personality for having beautiful mind and soul. He stayed in another city but I felt more close to him than those near me. He was a man with a golden heart but was looked down upon in his own house. He was alone and devoid of affection. Our interaction with each other brought back life and confidence in our respective lives. Things that were never shared ever before to anyone were easily shared by us. We had similar views, thoughts, values in life. Finding peace and happiness in each other’s company changed our attitude towards life. There was a certain attraction between us, that was beyond any explanation. One fine day we decided to meet and take this virtual friendship to the domains of reality. When we met it was a wow moment for both of us. The happiness of seeing each other in flesh and blood reflected in our smiling faces. We sat in silence sipping our coffees. All of a sudden he asked, “Can I hold your hand?”. I said, “Yes you can” and extended my hand to him. He took it as if it was the most precious thing he had ever held in his life. Pressing it gently between his palms with moist eyes he said, “Be with me like this forever, just be with me”. I was startled by his sudden reaction but was moved by his action. I could see the dual emotions of pain and fear of loosing and immense affection for me in his eyes. I sat still and could just say “yes I will”. He continued holding my hand as we chatted. His affectionate ways touching me deep down.

He was the perfect gentleman I had ever met in my life. A man of virtue, an elegant person, someone whom one can rely on and be proud of. We both were married but still, there was a certain pull that we couldn’t deny. How could this happen at this age? I questioned my entity. But it never felt wrong for a single moment.

“Sometimes something happens out of the box and your life changes completely”

When souls are connected everything else falls into place.

We had maintained the decorum of our conjugated life by maintaining our relationship in subtle and healthy manner. We keep enriching our lives sharing perfect companionship though we are miles away.


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  1. Shobha Mahapatra

    Life is like a chocolate box, full of wonders and flavours. It doesn’t see time, place or people. If it wishes to gift you a delight, you’ll very much receive it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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