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Marriage is a bridge that connects two weirdo’s, who are poles apart who are silly, stupid and crazy in their own ways, yet there is a strong bond that connects them and keeps them going. Love, care, understanding, and respect for each other are definitely the basic ingredient‘s in a relationship but basics alone makes it boring in the long run. All you need to do is spice it up with some ingredients and garnish it delightfully.

Don’t lose your individuality to him and don’t take away his. While you try to please each other and make adjustments and compromises to make a smooth living, don’t forget to live your life. Be in touch with your loved ones, make time to do things you love, be it writing, reading, dancing or just sitting by the window and listening to chirping birds. And let him do things he likes and not feel trapped in the jungle called “Marriage “.

Make time for yourself at least once in a week, just you both and loads of talks. Be selfish when it comes to spending time with each other; let no friends, family or kid’s take away this time from you. Communication is vital, to take you long.

Now it’s time to garnish it well, you don’t get married to him … you get married to the entire family. Love them or hate them but you can’t get rid of them. .. So why not Love them? Be good to his parents just the way you want him to be with your parents. You don’t have to remember all the days and dates, but you can remind each and make every occasion memorable.

Spice it up with these simple ingredients and feel the change!!

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    1. Very well written. Ur sentiments are on spot. U express well, n ur thots r very touching.
      Pl continue writting. All the Best.

      1. Thanks Mam…your words means a lot. U keep showering ur words of appreciation…i will continue writing ?

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