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Spouses are and should be friends first…

Actor Vinay Pathak in a tete-a-tete with Bonobology on his relationship and new film
Vinay Pathak

1. You have acted in a lot of commercial movies like Bheja Fry, Johnny Gaddaar, etc. What attracted you to the movie, Dark Brew, which explores such an intense topic?

I really like the script and the idea and the possibility it promised… The imaginary circumstance within the script was really loaded. I always love such possibilities in a script.

2. When you work on movies such as Dark Brew and the subject is so intense, how do you prepare for the character?

I read the script over and over and over again…
And there’s always the director.

3. You have acted in movies that present a distinct view on modern relationships. What according to you are the biggest relationship challenges for a couple in urban India?

With all that is happening in and around you, it’s not easy to love with ease and diligence. That’s the biggest challenge. We end to get carried away with things that don’t even matter in the end.

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4. What are your thoughts about cheating? How should a wronged spouse react to cheating by his/her partner?

That’s a clichéd question. Spouses are and should be friends first. Love, compassion, and true understanding go a long way in a relationship.

5. What’s your message to couples who will be watching this film?

Like any other piece of art, watch it with an open mind, and let your senses be open to different reactions and interpretations.

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