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Was Sridevi lonely at the top?

Sridevi, the superstar, was a lonely child and a lonely young woman for the most part of her life.

Yearning for love: Story of Sridevi’s life

It feels as if the whole nation has gone into mourning followed by the untimely demise of a star who ruled the Indian silver screen.

Sridevi has not only entertained us on the screen with her dance and comic timing but has also managed to tug something near our heart. However the superstar who entertained a billion on screen, led a very different life off screen.

Deprived of real childhood

Sridevi started acting when she was four years old. She then acted in many South Indian films as a child artist. She never got to know what a real childhood is. She never had time to even have a formal education or to know what it was to have fun with friends in school.

sridevi with her mother and father
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Lonely child turned into a lonely young woman

Her parents wanted her to act in movies and earn money for the family and yet they were extremely conservative. They never let her mix with people of her own age. She was never allowed to attend any party or enjoy with other young people.

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