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Here is why we stand by Manforce condoms and Sunny Leone. What about you?

When Sunny Leone is around two things are always close by – admiring men and controversies. The latest to get her in the news is a Manforce condoms billboard in Surat which urges Gujaratis to play this Navratri, but with love.

The Manforce advertisement says in Gujarati Aa Navratriye ramo, paraantu prem thi which when translated to Hindi means Khelo magar pyar se. Some of the Gujaratis have taken offence, saying it hurts their religious sentiments.

Manforce condoms Sunny Leone
Manforce condoms billboard as seen in Surat.

We, however, stand by Sunny Leone. When was safe sex ever wrong? When did promoting safe sex become a crime?

In case you didn’t know, in the 1990s post Navaratri celebrations were always followed up by lots of abortions – mostly by teenagers. This was attributed to the fact that teenage boys and girls could only meet each other during the Navratri holidays and hence ran riot when they got the chance. In recent years, teenagers have opportunities all through the year and have also figured out contraceptives such as condoms and iPills. Don’t believe us? Well, the sales of iPills and condoms see a 30% increase during Navaratri period.

Not willing to accept the truth, the Confederation of All India Traders has accused Sunny Leone of being irresponsible. We have seen the ad, and it is neither vulgar nor provocative. In fact, even the word ‘condom’ is missing from the billboard.

Social media has gone crazy over this controversy. Check one of the best reactions we spotted.

Sunny Leone, however, has been least affected by this controversy surrounding her. In fact, this is how chilled out she is right now!

So what do you think? Should Manforce condoms be banned? Should Sunny Leone be taken to court? Leave your comments below.

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  1. A sex study reveals that- Gujarat jumps from sixth position to third as the horniest during Navratri season. Monthly sales of sex toys in the state jump 300% as compared to its average during the rest of the year.
    The ad makes perfect sense.

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