#Stop Judging:Her Body Colour Doesn’t Decide Her Future !!

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What would you have tea or coffee ?? Nancy’s mom asked Meeta, her sister-in-law who has come home to invite for her daughter’s ring ceremony. I will go for your special masala ginger tea she replied.

Nancy’s mom walked towards the kitchen to bring some snacks and tea. Suddenly Nancy came and hugged her aunt and asked her about her well-being. After spending some time with her aunt, Nancy asked for leave as she was getting late for her basketball practice sessions.

So how’s the engagement preparation’s going on ?? Nancy’s mom asked Meeta while serving her tea and snacks.

All going well. Why don’t you ask Nancy to do something for her skin?. Haven’t you noticed Nancy has turned darker these days than usual? Why don’t you ask her to apply good face brightening creams like Fair & lovely or Himalaya Fairness cream ??

She continued by giving a list of advice on how to become fair. Some pieces of advice include facials, applying mud pack, turmeric, saffron, bleaching skin regularly and the list continues.

Nancy’s mom then looked at her, smiled and asked Meeta that how her daughter’s body color effects her.

Meeta said: “Do you know Gupta Ji’s daughter, she has turned 30 and is still an unmarried cause of her dark color. Many families have rejected her cause of her dark color. I don’t want the same to happen with Nancy that’s the reason I am saying you all this”.

Hearing this Nancy’s mom laughed loudly and said: “Meeta, which century you are living in ?. My daughter is an MBA & a state level champion in Basketball.I don’t think my daughter would have any issues in getting married for her body color.

She is responsible, well-educated & she knows how to take care of everyone.I am proud of her. Her body color has to do nothing with her marriage.”

Meeta said: ” Whatever you said, that looks good in television and books only. No matter which century you are living in.Our society wants a bahu (daughter-in-law) who is beautiful & fair, it doesn’t matter whether she is a basketball champion or an MBA. The first criteria a family looks for is a fair & beautiful girl, not a dark color girl”.

Nancy’s mom said: “Well, I don’t agree with you”. She silently took the cup and went towards the kitchen thinking is Meeta was right ??.

Well, the answer is yes…We talk modernization. But the fact is ..even in this century ..we witness that girls are judged based on their color tone no matter how educated, talented and responsible the girl is.

Most of the times girls with dark complexion would get to hear a list of advice from some aunt or so-called beauty expert on how to become fair.

In some family, women with dark complexion are considered as omen/ unlucky (hats off to superstitious belief), they are often denied for marriage (which leads to humiliation in women).

Will a body color decide with whom she will be going to share her life with ?? When this color judging will end ??

A woman is beautiful by her nature, character, talent & capabilities. A fair and bright skin makes her attractive only, not beautiful.

Every woman is beautiful in its own way. Color has nothing to do with her future.

Who has given this right to society to judge a woman based on her body color ??

#Stop Judging her color doesn’t decide her marriage and future.

She is free to live the life, the way she wants to live. Let her live freely.


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