Married Life

The story of a marriage that lasted 67 years

They were unusual people and had a very long, happy and successful marriage. What were the secrets of their relationship?

My grandmother was always ahead of her time

My grandmother is not like any other traditional old lady. I say this because she was way ahead of her time. She was a gutsy, modern and progressively educated lady who worked till the age of 82 and did everything that most traditional grandmothers in a conventional middle-class, Marathi Brahmin family wouldn’t. Ajji (grandmother) was a gambler, a businesswoman, a housewife and an extraordinary matchmaker. She got married at the age of 25 when the norm in that era was to get married at 18. Moreover, hers was a love marriage and she dated my grandfather for 7 years before they tied the knot. Here’s an amazing story of a woman who was often called “James Bond” within her family and social circle.

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She was always independent and spirited

When my grandparents got married, they used to live in a joint family. My Ajji’s mother-in-law was an old-fashioned strict lady who wore the traditional 9-yard Marathi “Nauvaari” saree. One day my Ajji came out of the shower and left her hair open to dry. Her mother-in-law taunted, “Hasn’t your mother taught you to do your hair and not roam around like this in the house?” My furious Ajji went out that same evening with her sister and cut her hair as short as a man, the then bob-cut which in that era was considered a big no for married women.

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