Affair and Cheating

Story of how I helped my ex-husband cheat on his current wife

She met her ex husband after a few years and couldn't help having sex with him
Sex with ex husband

(As told to Antara Majumder)

I spotted him at the breakfast buffet. Yes, it was him. In his branded attire, loading his plate with sausages. His broad shoulders, clean shaved chin and firm jaw appeared almost the same as six years ago. A slide show of memories started flashing through my mind, our courtship days, marriage, separation.

I did not want him to notice me. But the Almighty had a different plan. He saw me. It took a few awkward seconds for him to collect himself and wave at me. I was uncomfortable, yet permitted him to sit down next to me. We started chatting formally with ‘How are you’ and stuff like that. I could not stop noticing a few strands of grey in his hair.

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  1. Yes, she did help him cheat. And what’s more, he must be gloating inside that she still carries feelings for him. His Validation of his actions lie in her accepting to sleep with him. It is selfishness and nothing else. His current wife and her feelings and emotions probably mean nothing to such a person.

  2. IF u r really guilty…explain it to ur ex and please dont repeat it….and even if u want to repeat it….please inform the unlucky wife of ur spineless ex sitting at home. Yes….that unlucky wife is sitting at home …..

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