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I just don’t know how it all started but our bonding started soon after we got married.Ours was an completly arranged marriage and never did we meet once before marriage…but still it happned I am deeply in love for him.He too pampers me just like asmall child and fulfils all my whimps and fancies.Even today after 21years of marriage the essance of love have never faded.

Maybe I might sound too much like a feminist asI can’t understand how people forget their tradition and don’t apply vermilion on their forehead and even deny to wear those two bangals (i.e the white and the red) all these signify husbands long life as said in our vedas and believed by our elders which I never tried to evade it.I do maintain it still today as I believe all these ‘SHRINGAR’ signifies his long life.

I have always felt an unknown strength working with me whenever my husband is with me. I know when people ask “Why do you always try to please him?”I have only one answer for all “I just love to listen to him”.I really am happy to see his sweet smile.I just don’t know why sometimes I don’t even listen to my own mother.Her advice ,her teachings all fall short in front of him.

I still remember the days after my marriage how I used to move behind him even in a joint family and there was so much of eve-teasing about it. It was as if I was not bothered about it all .

Then when he was transferred to Mumbai ofcourse I had to come with him as whenever he went a-far from me I just surprisedly fall sick, seeing this no one dared to keep me away from him.Ours is a joint-family five brothers and two sisters and all of us are living under the same roof except my two sister-in-law as they had to shift to their own house after their marriage. But the other three brothers are living together except I and the second brothers family.

Now I was here in Mumbai where I was completely with him but still whenever he said that he wanted to go to Guwhati for seven or ten days then again my tensions would creep up as to how can I leave withot him??.And finally my husband too cancels the ticket for his home town.And the spark of happiness that comes to my visage is really unexpressable…

Whether it is his home-town or his work-place I never want to be away from him for a second.Till today I really can’t understand how my collegues stay away from their husband for long six months…….

Now after 21years too I just want to close my eyes only in his arms.I eat only after he takes his food….these are just small things but I feel so jocund when I am with him.This state of mind my daughters too know so whenever I am sick they just fetch out for him and in his able hands I recover so quickly. His touch in my forehead and his advice all heals me very quickly .Such is my love , my strength.I am a high B.P patient but till date I never take my own medicines…..I take it only when he gives it to me….I feel that his hand can heal all my woes….

I know God has only made him for me ,and it he who can nurture me and rejuvenate me .I believe that marriages which are blessed by our parents are the most successful ones…we fight ,we quarrel but just for an hour after that we just can’t be away from each other.

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