Struggles of Athletes Hima Das, Dutee Chand and Gomathi Marimuthu

They have emerged as the golden girls in athletics in present India but their life story is of constant struggle which is still on.

The struggle stories of Hima Das, Dutee Chand and Gomathi Marimuthu

HIMA DAS has become the golden girl of India. She won 5 gold medals in international events over 18 days. But her life has been a constant struggle. Today she is the brand ambassador of Adidas. But there was a time when she would run barefoot in Dhing, a village in Assam.

Nipon Das her coach, who saw her in an inter-district meet, said: “She was wearing cheap spikes but she ran like the wind.” Her parents found it hard to manage four square meals a day. Her stardom will finally ensure a better life for her family.

DUTEE CHAND is known as India’s fastest woman. She recently won a gold medal at the 100m race at the World University Game in Italy. She has been a fighter all the way coming from a very poor weaver’s family in Orissa she not only studied law but also became a sports icon, she was banned from athletics for her hyperandrogenism. A condition that leads to the natural secretion of excessive testosterone in women.

She fought a case against Athletics Federation of India and won it. Recently she came out as the first gay athlete in India. Her village and her family disowned her. But she answered back with her win at Universiade

GOMATHI MARIMUTHU won a gold medal at Doha for 800m at Asian Athletics Championships. She also comes from a very poor farmer’s family. She took a bus at 4.45 am every day to go for training and her father took her to the bus stop 5 km away. Her father, who is no more, used to eat food kept for the cows. So that Gomathi could eat his share and train better.

The story of these three athletes is indeed about winning against all odds


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