Students During Self-Isolation: How To Nurture Your Relationships

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It’s going to be okay. We’ll get through this devastating period, which brought humanity to its knees. But until that time of “okay” comes, we have to stay strong while being stuck at home.
Social distancing wouldn’t be so difficult if we could do it with all the people we love. You would pick your circle of close friends and family, you would rent a lux house with a huge pool, and you would all have the time of your lives.

But that’s not the case. You’re stuck without being able to see the people you love when you want to see them. How are you going to nurture a relationship in such circumstances?

How To Nurture A Healthy Relationship During Self-Isolation

Not being able to see the one you love can have an impact on your well being but if you follow these tips then you can easily tide over the situation.

1. Take an online course together

There’s an important element of student relationships that’s now disturbed: taking classes together. You have your own plans during the day, but you spend precious moments together in this special class. Then you discuss what you learned, and you help each other with homework. You bond over your studies and future goals.

You bond over your studies and future goals.
you spend precious moments together in this special class

You can get that part of your life back. Online courses are important not because they help you improve your grades and learn something new, but also because they inspire conversations.

2. Meet online, but don’t turn that into a routine

Many couples make this mistake during self-isolation: they start a video conference at the same time, every day. That feels nice at the beginning. But you’ll reach a point when you’re both bored and the conversations hit awkward breaks.

Call whenever you want to call, and accept a call whenever you get one. This is one of the few things you can be spontaneous about. Don’t turn conversations into a boring routine.

3. Have a Netflix Party

Was movie night part of the good old times? You can have it back. Sure; you won’t be cuddling on the couch and pausing the movie at least once for some romance in between. But at least you can do something together, and that counts.

Netflix launched a new feature, called Netflix Party. You can watch your favorite shows with your partner, and chat along the way.

4. Talk about the Future

If you only talk about the difficulties that quarantine brings, you’ll feel miserable.

Of course you can talk about your problems. But try to infuse a spark of a brighter future. No, we’re not talking about planning a distant future together. Here are a few great conversation starters:

  • What’s the first thing that we’ll do when this ends?
  • If we get to go on a vacation over the summer, where will we go?
talk about the difficulties that quarantine brings, you’ll feel miserable.
Try to infuse a spark of a brighter future

5. Help each other with academic projects

Some responsibilities carry on. Although you’re not attending classes, your teachers are trying to help you complete the courses. That’s why you’re getting more projects than ever.

If you’re both in college, you can use the assignments as an opportunity to connect. If you have a chance to do some teamwork, do it!

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6. Work on yourselves

Communication is essential for maintaining a relationship while you can’t be physically together. However, this period is also perfect for each one of you to focus on their own personal growth.

You realize that you are the one you can always rely on. You’re spending a lot of time alone, so it’s important to make yourself feel comfortable.

Watch TED talks, meditate, read and do the things you used to lack time for. Now, you have time. Your individual time can help you strengthen the relationship. When you’re calmer and more self-confident, you’ll also become more likable.

7. Prepare for the reunion

When you finally meet, you’ll be glad that you went through this together.
You meet when the situation gets better

This situation won’t last forever.  When the restrictions loosen up, you’ll be able to see each other. That moment will be amazing.
While you’re apart, you can work on your communication, deal with conflicts if they arise and support each other through these difficult times. When you finally meet, you’ll be glad that you went through this together.

But you’ll still have to stay safe. It seems like life won’t return to normal anywhere soon. You’ll have to avoid crowded spaces. Instead of meeting with tons of friends or enjoying a night in the club, you’ll learn how to have more privacy together. You’ll take long walks, watch movies alone, and focus on a hobby that lets you bond. That’s great, too.

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