Rajashree Basu

woman looking at sea


Today it sat silent, accumulating dust. The paper stayed empty, waiting for the familiar touch. The unbalanced rhythm of the typewriter, Embedded in the abyss of her heart, Was the symphony of her love. He was gone, miles away into the dark. Escaped from reality in search of mystery. Leaving behind a void, a longing …

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The Letter

What do you want me to write tonight, my love? For every word of mine is a gift from you to me. Let me not pen down the usual letters, maybe. It’s mundane, reminding you of my loneliness, All the promises you made since the beginning. You are gone, miles and miles away far away …

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Abandoned Homes

Why do you share your joys with all, while leaving bruises on a selective few? Why search for home in heart of a stranger, only to abandon, leaving her yearning for you? Why do you fear losing that love, when you claim to tread the journey of life, holding hands of another? -Rajashree Spread the …

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Chaotic Love

For those rare people, you open up yourself. Dwelling in unpredictability, where every moment you are vulnerable. Consumed by love, taking pleasure in it’s unusual ways. You have become a wildfire, illuminating your own path ahead. Spread the love

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