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Banker, Author and Social Activist.

murphy radio

Murphy Radio

Image credit Those were the days when the ongoing war of Kargil was the crux of our nation’s soul. Ishwar brother, my neighbor, was in the army. That particular evening while I was returning from school, I found a huge crowd, marching ahead of me, shouting patriotic slogans like “Jab tak suraj chand rahega, Ishwar …

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woman singing

Lady at the bar

The year was 2011 and I was roaming around the Park Street area of Kolkata. The sun had started shifting towards the western horizon. Its rays had grown feeble and soothing to the eyes. It was the occasion of Christmas day. There was festive spirit all around. The road was thronged by people, of all …

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My Brother’s Wife

When my elder brother got married the house went lively and cheerful. Susheela Bhabhi was worshipped like a goddess when she first arrived at her in-law’s home just after the marriage. She sat on a jeep when her cheeks were sanctified with fresh betel leaves. The grains of paddy smeared with turmeric paste were showered …

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My First Crush

About a week ago, I was slurping evening tea when my mother handed me a yellow envelope. The cursive handwriting on the envelope appeared vaguely familiar. However, the name of the sender was not mentioned. I opened it hastily. Inside was an impressive wedding card. The description on the card left me enthralled for a …

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Sex was sold there in lieu of money. It was largely comparable to a vegetable market, cloth market, jewellery market. Or any other market which sales apparently similar variety of commodities occupying a considerable stretch of land space. The only difference was that other markets sold materials of general human consumption. However, at this sex- …

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My Maid at Kolkata

In those days I was in Kolkata. I shared my two BHK flat with one of my senior colleagues. We had hired a maid. Her name was Susheela. She was in her early fifties short, sturdy lady with an ever-smiling face, made cuter (to my eyes) by the absence of two upper frontal teeth. A …

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The Unblessed Lady

Kalyani was the only child of her parents. Her father, Ramdas, was a barber by caste and profession. In those times, feudalism persisted, quite palpably, in the village society. I hailed from Bhumihar caste. People said that my great-grandfathers had exploited every possible opportunity to maintain, for generations, their chauvinistic title of “The Landlords”. Our …

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