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Successful marriage mantras from five Bollywood couples

Despite rumours and career crises, some Bollywood marriages have survived and strengthened for years. What are the secrets of successful celebrity marriages?
Gauri and Shahrukh

These marriages are not just for Page 3

Modern marriages are getting more and more stressful. Rising rates of divorces are an indicator of this trend. In this time when couples in general are getting unsure about their marriages, these five couples from Bollywood with long marriages are showing the path for a happy and stable marriage.

We can’t brush them off just as silly celebrities saying something for publicity. They have survived the pressure of being constantly under public scanner, lean phases in their careers, meddling in-laws and rumoured extramarital relationships. Hence they know what they are talking about and how they are doing it.

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1. Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar

The grand couple of Bollywood were married in 1966. With an age gap of 22 years, they were written off before they even started their marital life. Plus, Dilip Kumar has a big family and they were not willing to accept a newcomer in his life. But they survived all this and even a female called Asma Sahiba Dilip Kumar was secretly married to for some time.

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