Suman Agarwal busts myths about diet

While you and your soul other might bicker over every small thing, over each tiny and detail, there are some things you probably agree on and, chances are, ideas regarding health and diet plans often make it to that list. But there are some things that a million Google searches will not reveal or, even worse, will present you with articles that contradict each other at every point. Also, when it comes to a healthy diet, every good-natured aunt and roadside snack seller has an opinion. So you and your loving partner might find it really hard to chart a diet that is devoid of diet myths and full of facts instead.

In this video, celebrity nutritionist Suman Agarwal busts four of the biggest diet myths that make our food habits way more unhealthy than we expect. And this is the exact reason why we always seem to fail to achieve lean, healthy looks even after we follow our ‘well researched’ charts to the T. There is hardly any weight loss and, in some of the worst-case scenarios, we often lose our energy to

The video debunks diet myths regarding rice, whole wheat bread and white bread, etc. She also comments on the relation between dinner and breakfast times and how some bad food habits might have aged your skin faster than usual.

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